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executive board

Samuel Wang



Samuel Wang is a junior in high school who first discovered his passion for debate in elementary school, when he first joined an after-school debate academy. Since then, he has realized the importance and value that debate has in society and education, and believes that everyone should have the ability to experience the things that he has. Debate 4 All was a program that immediately stuck out to him, as it would allow him to follow his passion of helping others through debate. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, debating, video games, and spending time with his friends and family.

Vishaal Krishan


Vishaal Krishan is a high schooler with a simple goal: to give others the opportunities he had. He was lucky enough to attend a private middle school that had a debate program, but when he found that lacking at his public high school, he realized that most kids don’t access to similar programs and resolved to change that! He founded Debate 4 All to give all students access to debate and all the benefits that come with it. Some of his hobbies are cooking, singing, and supporting youth civic engagement.

Priya Doshi

Vice President


Priya Doshi is a junior in high school dedicated to helping others find a passion for debate as she did. She started debating in 8th grade, and found that it improved a lot of her skills such as public speaking. She wanted to share the experiences and benefits she gained with others, so she joined Debate 4 All and their mission to spread access to the activity. Besides debate, she likes to spend her time playing the contrabass, baking, reading, and being with her friends and family.

Adrienne Tang



Adrienne Tang is a student who is always willing to help, especially when it comes to helping others prepare for their future. She believes debate teaches so many important skills, including public speaking and persuasion, that are influential in one’s success. Therefore she joined Debate 4 All, so that she could help spread the wealth of knowledge to as many people as possible. In her free time, she enjoys bullet journaling, reading, and swimming.

Azra Tabak

Director of Content Design


Azra Tabak is a junior in high school dedicated in helping others strengthen vital skills useful for the futures that they hold. She believes that debate is an important extracurricular that fosters strong communication/argumentation skills, listening skills, and helps students become confident in their voice and what they believe in. She joined Debate 4 All because of her passionate drive in providing others the opportunity they deserve in participating in civil discourse. In her free time, she loves playing volleyball and hanging out with friends!

Jennifer Tran

Content Manager


Jennifer Tran is a junior in high school that is always ready to help others.  She believes that debate is a great thing to start establishing for future generations.  Debate is something to experiment with since it can open a lot more opportunities. She joined Debate 4 all after hearing about how much she would be able to help people and open new doors for others.  When she is free, she enjoys baking, playing volleyball, and gaming. 

Dhara Hansalia

Outreach Director


Dhara Hansalia is currently a sophomore in high school who has a passion for debate and helping others learn. She believes that debate is an important life skill and wants to provide the opportunity to learn debate for those who do not have it. She joined Debate 4 All to help spread this message and allow other students to be as passionate about debate as she is. In her free time, Dhara likes to play volleyball, sing, and spend time with family and friends.

Current Affairs Team

Ashlyn Bi

Content Editor


My name is Ashlyn Bi and I'm a sophomore going into junior year.  My mission for this organization is to spread knowledge to everyone regardless of their age in an intriguing and entertaining way.  Something I like doing in my free time is cooking reading, and listening to music!

Shane Masterson

Content Editor


Shane Masterson is a sophomore in high school that believes in debate's value as an academic extracurricular.  When he first started with debate back in middle school, he quickly recognized the importance of it as an activity, and found merit in the research and argumentation skills that debate required and built on; with Debate 4 All, he hopes to help extend the benefits that debate brings to the table as far as possible, and expand access to debate-related resources to anyone that needs them.  In high school, he's continued his presence in debate-related activities through debating competitively and joining Junior State of America.  When he's not debating, Shane is probably playing video games, spending time with friends, or playing the violin.

Evelyn Amparo

Content Writer


Hello, my name is Evelyn Amparo and I am in 11th grade at Beckman High School.  My mission with Debate 4 All is to make news on current world events accessible, trustworthy, and reliable.  I love writing and hope to spread information that actually matters.  In my free time, I love to get coffee or boba with friends and just enjoy the day with people that I love.

Bohan Gao

Content Writer


Bohan Gao is a junior who seeks to give a younger generation the tools to advocate for themselves-to help them learn how to transcend geopolitic borders through civil discourse.  She hopes to use her experience in debate to bridge divides of understanding on local, community, and multilateral levels and decided to join Debate 4 All to give back to the event that has given so much to her for six years.  Outside of debate, she enjoys reading and writing poetry, soccer, and piano.

Ethan Erickson

Content Writer


Ethan Erickson is an 11th grader that is excited about current events.  Working with Debate 4 All, he hopes to better educate high school students about politics and the world in general.  In his free time, he enjoys creative writing, playing and coaching basketball, and going to the gym.

Suraj Shah

Content Writer

Suraj Shah is a freshman in high school and content writer for Debate 4 All.  His mission is to expand student access tp debate across disadvantaged and at-risk communities.  He has been debating since sixth grade and has since understood the importance of speech and learning about current events.  In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, singing, and reading.

Amber Montoya

Content Writer


Amber Montoya is a senior in high school who is passionate about guiding students and young activists to find their voice in a vast political sphere. They believe in giving students equal opportunities to explore debate, its styles, and finding their voice. A firm believer that debate leads to empowerment and increases confidence in students, they joined Debate 4 All with the promise to help students grow, learn, and stay informed. In their free time, they like to play volleyball, read, and hang out with friends.

Vianny Nunez

Content Writer

Hello everyone!  I'm Vianny Nunez and I'm currently a sophomore in high school.  In my free time, I love reading philosophy, watching psychological thrillers, and playing songs in my guitar that hurt my fingers.  D4A is such a unique organization and I hope i can work with my fellow editors and content writers to educate students on current events and push D4A to success.


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